In 1988, the field of construction saw the arrival of a company which, over the years, has set itself apart from the rest of the competition by developing revolutionary management methods and providing exceptional quality work and service. With a dynamic team, Conception Cama has long earned a solid reputation in the field of interior arrangement of boutiques, restaurants, shopping centres and offices as well as in the construction of major projects.

The Cama team distinguishes itself by its desire to satisfy the different participants, should they be clients, designers, architects, engineers, subcontractors or employees. Rigorous organisational techniques, a high degree of perfectionism and an efficient co-ordination system allow Conception Cama to eliminate problems at the source, as soon as they appear, and to maintain harmonious relationships between those involved in the construction process.

Respecting the clients, exceeding their expectations and satisfying their construction needs remain our priorities. Our willingness to always go forward and to improve our skills has made Conception Cama a winning team!

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  • Conception Cama has partnered throughout the years with companies that have the same eco-friendly mindset about the environment and respecting our spaces. For years now, all the scrap from the construction sites have been handled by Multi-Recyclage, a company where the respect of the environment and recycling is a priority.
  • As per the construction sites, when it's time to destroy documents, Conception Cama always uses the services of Shred-it who also has the preservation of the environment as a priority.
  • Each subcontractor is careful and responsible when it's time to work with toxic products like asbestos, gas, freon or other.
  • Conception Cama's offices are equipped with a recycling program for old documents.
  • Conception Cama and all its teams are working with a continuous focus on preserving the working sites and its environment.
  • In the past, Conception Cama as worked on recycling industrial elements by transforming them into ''STAB'' products.


As well as its organisation, its highly reliable and efficient monitoring and control systems, Conception Cama inc. is certified Contractor Check since early 2015.


We invite you to contact us so that we can give you access to reference letters (Confidential ...) that can help you make an informed decision. These can be quickly sent to you by email.

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It would be really appreciated to be able to count you among our customers, professionals, subcontractors and regular suppliers having provided us letters of references. These are used to help Conception Cama inc. and its business partners to be able to work for clients whose projects are most interesting with a team of the most appropriate stakeholders.

If you are interested to join our partners that already sent a reference letter, please do so by sending the original copy via regular mail or e-mail in order for us to add it to our web site.

Thanks in advance for your appreciated support and collaboration.


If you want to work for a dynamic team, specialized in the interior design of shops, restaurants, offices, common areas of shopping centers in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, do not hesitate to send us a proposal and provide us with your contact details. As you can see by browsing our portfolio, our clientele is vast, diverse and prolific. Among our best clients are prestigious trade names for which we have completed several major projects.

Want to know more about us? Do you want to send a service offer? Contact us by email at or by fax at {fax: 450.449.5210}. We will be happy to count you among our satisfied customers and thus realize your future projects.

Thank you

we encourage all of our business partners to contribute to these foundations

  • Fondation des maladies du coeur du Québec
  • Fondation Diane Hébert pour le don d'organes
  • Société canadienne de la sclérose en plaques
  • Société canadienne du cancer
  • Croix-Rouge Canadienne
  • Ste-Justine Hospital
  • Ronald Mc Donald Manor
  • La Maison du Père
  • Fondation Animo pour La Vie

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conception Cama inc small and large team at the same time:

In appearance and by choice, we are a small team, yet our loyal and dedicated partners ensure that our team can quickly grow to the scale required for a major project. Over our 30 years of existence, having had, at our peak, more than 50 full-time employees, having worked from coast to coast across Canada, having worked in virtually every sector of construction In almost all types of projects, we decided that the time had come for us to rework all of this in order to comprehensively review our priorities, our structure and the size of the company. We have finally chosen to transform ourselves with only a very small team of employees, loyal subcontractors suppliers of our choice, who we believe are the best and most dedicated to offer our services to potential customers who are looking for our values, our type of involvement, availability, service and quality, representing much more than just the lowest price.

Thanks to its extraordinary dynamism, with a team of five dedicated employees, we can, according to your needs and with your approval, enlarge the team thanks to a long list of reliable collaborators in order to complete the most successful projects, simple to more elaborate. Over the last thirty years, we have maintained a special business relationship with our employees, who volunteer on request, to carry out any major projects.

Beyond the work that is completed in collaboration with our trusted subcontractors and regular suppliers, the majority of our site superintendents and our carpenters come from small trusted companies or are themselves self-employed allowing a very fast and direct contact, thus facilitating the smooth running of the work.

Over the years we have chosen this way of doing things in order to eliminate as much as possible the pressure of unnecessary and often overwhelming fixed costs during the more difficult times caused by the turbulence of different markets. Moreover, working almost always with the same team of subcontractors suppliers, despite their status as subcontractors or self-employed, this group of workers are for us an integral part of our company and "the small and large Cama team" .

Since we have been working closely and diligently with the same suppliers for many years, we can control the quality of service, autonomy and maximum availability of everyone at any time. Our employees allow us to provide the following services at any time: demolition, gypsum, paint, floor finishes, glazier, cabinetmakers, carpenters installers, plumbers, ventilation, sprinklers, electrician, etc.

The execution, the follow-up and the realization of a quality work in the planned budgets and deadlines are for us really a question of teamwork which requires the full and complete collaboration of all the stakeholders involved in the project, going through the general contractor, its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, the client and its professionals.


On request, we are happy to provide you with a series of letters of reference demonstrating our know-how. We are proud to demonstrate the satisfaction of our customers for the past 30 years. Some of the references from years ago are irrefutable proof of our desire to consistently deliver unmatched quality year after year.

As you can see from our website, we have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects over the past 30 years. Among others we have worked for retail businesses, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, the food sector, common areas of shopping centers (Donors ...) , structural work, exterior building facades, we have raised some commercial buildings, we have also completed several high-end residential projects, the last of which was the complete renovation of a luxury penthouse at the Ritz Carlton Montreal. Due to the large number of projects completed, an impressive number of projects are no longer available on our website and are now part of Cama archives.

Thanks to our very specific structure, as well as our close collaboration with our long-standing partners, we can, within a reasonable time, bring together the complete team required for each specific project or situation. We are a very flexible company and very versatile to complete the simplest projects to the most complex.

Some large projects realized ...:

The renovation of the mall common areas at Place Fleur de Lys in Quebec City which represent +/- 3M$ of works over a period of +/- 2 ans.

The complete building and offices of the UPA in St-Hyacinthe representing about one year of works and a value of +/- 2.5M$.

The renovation of a large part of the Holt Renfrew building in Mtl on Sherbrooke street that happened over a period of 6 years and representing over +/- 7M$ of works most of which had to be done in phase through the very special clientele of the very high-end character of the establishment and their markets.

For Ivanhoé Cambridge and only completed with Cominar, the upgrading of a north shore shopping center that represented a global contract of ± $ 8M spread over three years. Some of the known names for whom we have worked on projects of significant importance, all very different from each other

origins and education:

Millworker formation :

Millworker by trade, having touched all facets of the family business, created in 1972, starting as a simple millworker, to team leader, supervisor, management and administration of office work subsequently becoming, for more than 10 years, associate owner. This adventure allowed us to collaborate on the most prestigious projects that the market could offer, including the Casinos of Mtl, Hull and Charlevoix, Chanel boutiques and counters, all ranges of cosmetic products including Shiseido, Lancôme, Giogio Armani, Estée Lauder, Lauréal, Dior, etc., as well as for such names as Holt Renfrew Mtl, The Wings of Fashion, Tommy Hilfiger, Intercontinental Hotel of Mtl, Sidbec Dosco, and several law firms, etc ...

Founded in 1988, Conception Cama is proud to celebrate its 30 years of experience in 2018.

what maakes us different:

Our greatest strengths and what differentiate us from other companies in the construction market:

  • The organization, the cleanliness and the safety of our construction sites including: workspaces, equipments, tools and complex systems of follow-up and production unique to Conception Cama.
  • The organization, the numerous follow-up and control systems ranging from the submission to the complete delivery of each project
  • Our offices that are not only very original and very beautiful, they are also very functional, super well organized and always maintained in a way to be very productive (Organizational system, optimization of spaces and performances)
  • Our team of loyal suppliers & subcontractors, most of whom have worked closely with Conception Cama for more than 20 to 30 years.
  • The follow-up, the projects delivered on time, in the budgets and mainly without any deficiencies having as a rigorous principle to target and correct them even before the delivery of each project
  • The teamwork, the interaction and mutual respect between the Cama team, its suppliers & subcontractors, the client and its professionals.
  • First of all, the passion, the commitment, the openness, the honesty, the transparency and the pride of a fully satisfied customer.

have fun...

Conception Cama souvenir album including more than 30 years of passion and humor

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If necessary, we can also provide you with the main contacts to whom to speak to verify by yourself our main clients satisfaction.