STAB Furniture

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Manhole table (TPUI) :

The baby, the pioneer of the "STAB" creations. Due to the practical proportions of this table, it can be used for a number of different fonctions.

Magazine table (TREV) :

Even though it is the smallest and most discreet, its presence will give a unique signature to your space.

Flower table (TFLE) :

At this time, the most daring of the set. Mixing the strength and weight of steel to the lightness and transparence of glass with the softness of fresh flowers that you can incorporate in the middle of the table.

Vertical credence (CVER) :

She's the one who is always in the shadows, that doesn't like to be in the spotlight, but that everyone would like by their side.

High horizontal credence (CHHA) :

Like her cousin, the vertical credence, the "high" horizontal credence doesn't like to be on the front line but because of her massive construction, she is far more imposing and less discreet than her peer.

Desk (BURE) :

This desk is well represented by it's personality, stability, transparency and control under pressure. All these elements of success are worth to be shown in a environment where it will take all their senses.

Coat hanger (PATÈ) :

This coat-hanger will definitely intrigue everyone, even the most passive will be astonished. Everyone will surely ask themselves if they should really hang their overcoat or hat on such an object.